Monday, April 16, 2007

I am 8 Bit

So i will be in the "I am 8 Bit" show in Gallery 1988 this Tuesday, April 17. It's a show remixing 1980's video games. I'll have two pieces in there...both of them are of the game "Joust". Got a sneak peek while I was dropping off the paintings and I promise it will be a really good show. So many good pieces.

Eric Tan and Jeff McMillan will also have their art there...That should be enough reasons to go, but I should mention that there's! Anyways, I hope you all will stop by and say "Hi".


nic said...

can't wait!!

Tanner said...

So what is this, like an art show or something? Cute. Did you, like, draw something for it? Is there like, a line? I so don't do lines.

Larry said...

As I mention on Eric's blog...the show was good without the beer. I went the following Sat. Good job, bro.