Thursday, May 07, 2009

lumix lx3 test

I just bought a new Lumix LX-3 digital point and shoot camera. It's a compact fixed lens camera but not exactly a typical point and shoot. It has full manual capabilities along with a slew of many cool little of which is a 24mm wide angle lens (I'll spare all the geeky details).

Anyway, I wanted a small unobtrusive camera to play around with when I go backpacking or on vacation. It was recommended to me by Mike, our resident pro photographer. It seems to fit the bill. These were my very first set of photos taken about a month ago.

I was out and about running some errands when I noticed the low ominous clouds overhead. I rushed over to Griffith Park and went up my typical trail. I got very lucky with the cloud formation and the time of day. These clouds were so unusual for LA that it completely change the way I view the landscape. So far I am quite pleased with my new little purchase. I have been taking alot of pictures lately and I will post more soon.