Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jeff McMillan has a blog

Hey, if you want to see some hilariously wonderful paintings, check out my buddy's, Jeff McMillan, new blog. Well, it's not new but I think there's a lame story to it.

His work always makes me scratch my head and wonder how this guy thinks. He renders very well and it's chalked full of bizarre and funny narratives that only can come from his deranged imagination. Certainly, there's plenty of artist who's work anchors on the strange and outrageous but Jeff's work seems to be genuine to me. His humor is who he is and it seems to be his reflection on pop culture, which just strikes a chord in me. Anyways, go say hi.

This first post is one in a series of belt buckle paintings.

Monday, July 02, 2007

bond girl

quick studies from a costume workshop (roughly 7-10 minutes poses)...the theme was the "BOND GIRL". I think the model was Italian and looked just like what I imagine a bond girl to look like...WOW! Bikini and guns, what a perfect combination.