Friday, April 20, 2007

Another show at Gallery 1988 San Francisco

Well, I'm in another group show this weekend at Gallery 1988 SanFrancisco. It is the grand opening, so please come by check it out. These are the same guys who put on the "I am 8 Bit" show in L.A., which was an incredible event. I believe that there were about 1,400 that lined the streets to get in. They had media coverage from MTV, G4, Fuel, and others. I couldn't believe all this for an art show. I feel so grateful to have a couple of pieces in there. Thanks to Jon, Jensen, and Katie!

Anyways, I will also be at the APE con (Alternative Press Expo) to try to hock my latest stupid ideas. The rest of the Porcupines will be there representing as well. I think we have a table in the back corner by the bathrooms where they stick mutants.


Stef said...

Hey Rich,

This show is going to be great! Take some pictures to share with us.
Very cool!

Angela Navarrete Dominguez said...

I'm going to check out the show during this week. I had family in town this past weekend.
I'm sure its great and I hope the opening went well.

Tanner said...

So, what do you do? Like, draw & stuff? Sweet! Maybe I'll check it out after this hot date I scored with this babe at the tanning salon. Like how you color man! Keep up the goods.

Sandoer said...

Loved your work at APE! I thought your greeting cards were fantastic. I'm hoping to stop by 8-bit before it ends. Keep up the great work!

richtuzon said...

Steph, was very fun all in all. Unfortunately I got drunk during the day at the APE Con and was suffering from a hangover during the show at night. go figure.
can't wait to see your post for SF.

Yeah. Stop by if you can. A few cool pieces in there.

you really should stop hitting the bottle during the day, man.

Thanks for stopping by at APE. The 8-bit show is great...definitely should try to see it if you can.

Anonymous said...

Ow , I am stuck at work, I can't come :( And I have an extra project at home I must finish. What a bummer.
But I will see your work after, I hope, at least pictures?
I am so proud of you, doing all these shows! Way to go.

richtuzon said...


I love your must try to show. Yes?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich. Yes absolutely.

Petra said...

Good words.