Monday, May 01, 2006

Yosemite Pics

View of Half Dome from Glacier Point. The tree in the foreground is actually 3ft. tall.

This is the view right as you enter the the Valley. It's absolutely breathtaking and far more majestic than any picture can capture. I've been here so many times but with each trip, I'd see a different perspective. I saw the light hit the trees earlier but had to wait for quite some time before I was able to take the pic.

Mist Trail


Matthew Cruickshank said...

All you need is Gollum in these pics!! You holiday in Mount Doom? Incredible colour.

Just Sae It said...

these are really nice pics Rich. love the compositions of it.

richtuzon said...

ha! I guess it does look like middle earth. that just gave me an idea. HMMMM.

thanks, guys.

Big Brother Tuzon said...

Ha! I can do that too!