Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday night I was at the Staple Center for the Margarito/Mosely fight. Although I was pulling for Margarito, it was still pretty exciting (however one-sided). The stadium was charged with so much energy... In fact, it was electrifying. So much so, that I witnessed at least 3-4 brawls just in the stands. Poor bastards paid all that money and never even got to see the main event. Overall, a great venue for a boxing match. We had amazing seats too...thanks, Vanessa!

In between the bouts, I would sketch a bit. Yes, Larry merchant appeared drunk the whole time.

Ring Card Girl. I really wasn't ringside as the sketch depicted. I was just using my super vision. Grrrrrr.

Tonight (Monday night) I went back to the Staple Center for a Clippers game. Thanks again, Van. The Clips lost to Portland. I sketched a little bit more this time.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I have been trapped in my house for the past two weeks due to a nasty and stubborn cold. Today was the first time I was really able to get outdoors. So I decided to take a hike to Griffith Park because the weather was so very nice. Half the country is hit with severe cold but we are so fortunate to have wonderful weather in the middle of January.

Well the sky was clear today and I can probably see well over a hundred miles from the top of Mt. Hollywood. The sunset was spectacular. Everything was glowing orange around me as I watched the last rays dipped behind the ocean. The sky glowed with colors I could not describe. I went up with the intention to do some watercolor sketches but I had forgot my book. So I took a few pics with the iPhone but they always pale in comparison to the real deal. I soak in days like these and just feel so lucky to be alive

Here's another sunset pic taken on my flight back from that studio up north. Notice the mountain ranges are all cover with snow. That's when we had that cold spell before the new year.

At first glance this might look like Hawaii but it is good old Glendale. View from the office. I try to take a the time to catch the sunset as much as possible.